Target Shooting




Individuals interested in participation in target shooting should attend the monthly Sportsman’s Club meeting and visit the Target Shooting table where Group Leaders can address your level of experience, as well as discuss your specific interests. We shoot outdoors at the Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club (WSC) twice monthly in season. Access the WSC website for more information.

 You must have a current SCW Sportsman’s Club membership to participate with our group. Current Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club membership badges must be prominently displayed while at the range.

 Potential members are required to join us at the range as guests. Guests are the responsibility of their member host. You will be accompanied by a member host regardless of your level of experience. Guests are always observed for the safe handling of your weapon(s). The WSC rules require a $5.00 guest fee at sign in, subject to change in the coming year. The continued access to the WSC requires a sponsored application for membership.     

We meet in at the Kuentz Rec Center parking lot to the left of the Stardust Blvd. entrance, across from the Fire Station, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Times will vary with the seasons and weather. Some of our year-round members continue shooting through the summer months informally, bi-monthly.

 Range Safety is always of the upmost importance. NRA and WSC Range Safety Rules will apply. Weapons must be pointed down range at all times, no exceptions.

If you are a novice or have been away from shooting and need assistance, please let us know. If you have not participated in shooting for a while, it is recommended that you participate to maintain a familiarity with the safe handling of weapons and your proficiency of firing your weapons. 

You are required to have eye protection, ear protection, weapon(s), ammunition, and provide your own targets to attach to the stands and cardboard provided at the range. You may use your own stands if preferred.

We generally will shoot handguns and/or long guns at Bay 2 – 50 yards max., three sets, check our targets between sets and police our brass before securing the club property, signing out and returning to Sun City West. Those members shooting long guns at distance can fire at Bay 1 – 100 yards maximum. Guests shooting long guns at distance must be accompanied by their host or fire at Bay 2 – 50 yards maximum. 

 Group Leader: Hal Blankman (623) 236-4838