The Club is seeking a Group Leader for the B Hikes.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Delilah George, President, or another board member.  

Just a reminder to support the community vendors that have donated door prizes to our Club. They are: Rosie’s Restaurant, Hole-in-One Restaurant, Carrie’s Restaurant,  Allen’s Service Station, Sun Devil Auto, True Value Hardware, Bob’s Variety, and Safeway.   Door prizes are awarded at each meeting.



Group Leaders

If you would be willing to be the Group Leader or Co-Leader for Shore Fishing,  or B Hikes, please contact a Board Member. One or more Board Members and other Group Leaders have volunteered to lend a helping hand to get these activities organized.

The responsibilities of a Group Leader vary from activity to activity. The Group Leaders are the contact person and are responsible for getting information out to their members. They are also responsible for safety enforcement. The Group Leader will usually hold a planning meeting to schedule events for the year. Each event can be assigned to one of the members to lead.

Target Shooting 2019

Travel – Canyon de Chelly

B Hikers near the top of Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains Lost Dutchman area to Flatiron via Syphon Draw. Flatiron is 3,000 feet above trailhead.

Big Wheels, Butcher Jones Trail