There are two season’s for Sportsman’s Club hiking:  Snowbird Season from October 1st to April 30 and Firebird Season from May 1 to September 30.

During Snowbird Season there is a C hike every other Thursday alternating with a B hike every other Thursday. When there is a B hike on Thursday, there is a C hike some other day that week, usually Monday or Friday, but occasionally Wednesday.

During Firebird Season there is a hike every Thursday with departs from Sun City West at 6 AM to try to beat the heat.

Hikes are classified according to the degree of difficulty, and each individual must gauge his/her ability and stamina for each event. Numerous hikes are scheduled each month for all levels of ability.

To allow you to determine which hikes are within your ability, the following general descriptions of hikes will be used:

C-Hike – Easy to moderate (some inclines), 3 to 5 miles.

B-Hike – Moderate (some steep/challenging terrain), 5 to 8 miles

Due to the Pandemic, hikers will no longer meet in Sun City West before the hike. Instead, carpooling will be limited to family/close friends only. Hikers will leave from home at the designated time, and meet at the trailhead for sign-in. 


Hiking during the Covid-19 Quarantine

Due to the recommended closures of places where people congregate as one way to limit the spread of Covid-19 illness, we hikers need to make some changes in our usual methods.

  1. Do not hike if you are not well or have been ill within the last two weeks.
  2. Instead of mustering in Sun City West for carpooling, carpooling should be done from our homes, or each person should drive to the trailhead alone.
  3. Once arriving at the trailhead, avoid mingling with hikers from other carpools.
  4. Avoid hand shaking and other similar forms of contact.
  5. Wear a face cover (mask, bandana, or neck gaiter) for the hike.
  6. Do not hike with a group if you live with, or have frequent contact with, a person who may be vulnerable for serious illness from contracting this viral disease, i.e., if that person has chronic lung or heart disease, has diabetes, or has an immunity problem (such as being on chemotherapy or having an auto-immune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.
  7. Forego after hike refreshments as a group.
  8. Avoid group photographs.
  9. There will be no sign-in for Sportsman’s Club hikes (no passing around of a pen and clipboard for everyone to handle). The leader can sign everyone in with the knowledge that everyone knows the liability disclaimer:

 The undersigned, who are participating in the above event, recognize and acknowledge that there will be hazards and dangers involved by participating in the event, do hereby stipulate that there is full recognition of the same, but still choose to participate; and in doing so, hold the Sportman’s Club, its officers, members and leaders blameless and without liability of any kind should there be any injury or damage sustained while participating in this event.

If in doubt, take the safe course and stay home. Consider doing the hikes in small groups on your own schedule and pace.

B Hikes

Hiking is great exercise. Join us! Remember to always think of hiking safety; boots, poles and plenty of water. For “B” hikes contact Hugh at or call 623-208-0675.


 C Hikes 

Upcoming C hikes:  Notice- Hike details are subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen situations. The C hike leader will notify those hikers on the C Hike email list of such changes, when necessary. Also, more details about the hike will be sent to the C Hike email list a few days before each hike. 

If anyone wants to be on the “C” Hiker email list, send an email to Hugh at or call 623-208-0675.  

For other local hiking information, go to


6 Am Thursday Sept. 17, 2020 White Tank Mt. park-Sonoran Competitive Track. This will be 4.4 miles with 160 feet of elevation change and 5000 feet of gain.

6 AM Thursday Sept. 24, 2020 Skyline Park-Mountain Wash, Lost Creek, and Quartz Mine Trails. This will be about 4.9 miles with 670 feet of elevation change and 1200 feet of gain.


2020 Hikes

C Hikers Marcus Landslide

B Hikers atop Union Peak

C Hikers Skyline Park

C Hikers Marcus Landslide

B Hikers Yavapai Point

B Hikers Willow Spring

B Hikers cross Cave Creek

C Hikers Cave Creek Park

C Hikers Black Canyon Trail

B Hikers at Granite Mt. Hotshots Memorial

C Hikers Aqua Fria

B Hikers Elephant Mountain

C Hikers Cottonwood Creek

C Hikers Black Canyon Trail

C Hikers Black Canyon Trail

2019 Hikes

B Hikers at Arrowhead Point

C Hikers on Walkin’ Jim Trail

C Hikers crossing the Agua Fria

Hikers on the Agua Fria

C Hikers on Dixie Mountain

C Hikers at Balanced Rock

B Hikers at Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Hikers at Lake Pleasant

B Hikers at Spur Cross Ranch

Hikers on Walkin’ Jim Tail

Hikers at Lake Pleasant