Big Wheels/Easy Riders

The Big Wheels and Easy Riders, off-highway groups, offer opportunities to explore and enjoy the back country of national forests and statewide terrain in Jeeps, and other suitable vehicles. All  vehicles are required to have 4 wheel drive, high clearance and a CB radio.

The groups plan several trips a month year-round for 4-wheel-drive vehicles. There are also several overnight trips each year. 

Trips leave from the Sun City West Library parking lot and drivers/passengers meet 20 minutes before departure time to sign in. Trips are rated 1-10 (easy to difficult). Bring your own lunch, water, and a folding chair. Passengers are welcome on a space-available basis. Show up at the departure area for a space-available ride.  Passengers are encouraged to pay for refueling the driver’s vehicle.

For more information or to be included in the Big Wheels/Easy Riders email list, contact Kent Chamberlain, Bill Billinghurst, or Bill Elledge at one of the  Sportsman’s Club’s monthly meetings or contact Bill Elledge by email at

If you are interested in seeing the back country but are not inclined toward rock climbing and the rough trails, the Easy Riders are for you.  Contact Bill Billinghurst for more information.

Easy Rider Vehicle Requirements  Even though most trails are rated easy, the conditions change frequently due to rains during the monsoon season.  Therefore, a passenger car is often not adequate.  A 4 wheel drive, high clearance vehicle is required and it must have a working CB radio for safety.  A front and rear attachment point is recommended in the event a vehicle has to be towed.  Please carry a first aid kit, tow strap, shovel, and fire extinguisher.

See schedule below for upcoming runs:



Easy Riders July 9/10  CANCELLED – WILL BE RESCHEDULED – Sycamore Canyon near Williams – Lv 8:00 am – Rating 2 – Leader Bill Billinghurst – 300 m

Esy Riders Aug 13/14  – Flagstaff/ Snowball and Museum of Northern AZ Lv 8:30 am –  – Leader Bill Billinghurst –Day 2 Woody Mountain Road Trail, Sedona.  Call or email Bill or Nancy for reservation and more details. email:

Easy Riders Sept 10/11 – Mt. Lemmon/Green Valley – Lv 8:00 am – Rating 2 – Leader Bill Billinghurst – 400+ m 

September – Nothing scheduled at this time.

Big Wheels and Easy Riders Oct 8 – Planning meeting hosted by Audrey and Conrad Graff,  – 9:00 am

Easy Riders Mid October  – Tucson Area. Plans being made. More later.

For information, contact Bill Elledge at 623-214-1508

Big Wheels

Big Wheels

Big Wheels crossing creek/playing in the water.

Easy Riders, July 2018, Williams, AZ

Easy Riders, July 2018, Williams, AZ

Easy Riders, July 2018, Williams, AZ